cropped-narrate-91.jpgHusband, father, disciple, mentor, oracle…Chuck Norris doppelgänger!  These are just a few of the words which have been used to describe Mike.  But, if you were to ask him he would simply say, “marked.”

After being abandoned by his earthly father at the age of two Mike was raised in volatile home marked by divorce, remarriage, abuse and strife.  Despite these obstacles Mike was also raised in church.  In the crux of these two opposing forces he knew from a young age the call to ministry was upon his life.  He attended Bible College for a year before withdrawing, choosing to run from God and the call upon his life.  He studied philosophy and Buddhism in search of peace and meaning all the while falling further and further into a suicidal depression.

For six years he ran from the Lord.  Then on Halloween night 1998 he had a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ which left him “marked for life.”  That night the Lord Jesus spoke to him  and told him, “I am sending you to hell!  You know too much to be living the way you are.  If you will not serve Me, I am sending you to hell.”

Two weeks later Jesus again spoke to him and told him he had to attend a Wednesday night church service.  There a prophet  called him out of the crowd by name and prophesied to him, “the secrets of his heart.”  That night Mike submitted his life to Jesus Christ.  He was completely delivered from the suicidal depression which had haunted him for years and he immediately began to answer the call of God that was upon His life.

In the years since his life altering encounter with Christ, Mike has been used by God around the world.  Armed with a captivating testimony, Mike’s message of redemption, renewal, and being marked for life is powerful and relevant to a lost generation.  Equipped with an apostolic burden and a strong prophetic anointing he encourages all to cultivate the pursuit of oneness and conform to Christ’s image (John 17:3, 22-23, Colossians 3:10, 1 John 3:1-3).

Mike is the Pastor of Administration and Family Life at Rochester Assembly of God in Rochester, MN.  He holds a Bachelors degree in Christian Education and a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership Administration.  Mike and his wife Heidi have been married since 1999 and they have four kids.

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