This is Ministry

11902314_10153660271772268_4461891590249871027_nIt’s the mud in the eye that stings and blinds.  It’s the never ending barrage that leaves you saying, “I’m too old for this.”  Wave after wave they come determined, unrelenting, unmerciful.  They all want a piece of this old man.

The confrontation hurts, but not as much as the missed opportunities; those that pass by unnoticed, unchallenged, unchanged.

This one’s back again.  For the 15th time he’s taking his run at me.  How does he get up so quick when it takes me so long to recover?  Will this time be his victory?

From my knees I bring him down and from my knees I help him back up.  Not this time son.  Try again.  I want him to try again.  I want him to succeed, but I won’t lay down.  I won’t simply give it to him.

With every encounter he’s learning; learning to adjust, learning to persevere, learning to respect.  With each run he’s growing he’s maturing He’s getting stronger.  It comes at my expense but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

This is impartation.
This is mentoring.
This is iron sharpening iron.
This is ministry

Are You Connected?


“Connected”, it’s the new buzzword for success.    Am I Linked in?  If so how many connections do I have in my network.  Am I on Facebook, if so how many “friends” do I have?  How many followers do I have on Twitter, Instagram and my blog?  This perception of connection preoccupies our attention.  When left unchecked we allow it to be the measure of our worth, and even  define our life!

But, what is it to really be connected?  Whose definition of connected are we ascribing to anyway?  Is connectivity really determined by how many like, follow, or join tabs are clicked or does being connected go deeper?

Jesus defined being connected as going beyond casual acquaintance.  He defined it as being made one.  In John 17:22 He prayed, “that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us.”

Our sense of purpose and worth isn’t determined by the click of a mouse.  It is determined by His desire to be made one with us.  In that oneness we find what it is to be truly connected.  In THAT connection, we find the Life!