Perspective, Truth & a Can of Coke

ImageBe honest.  Have you ever looked at something and thought you saw the totality of it.  You were comfortable and confident in your perception or understanding so you went happily along your way only to later find that what you initially saw was only a fraction of the picture?  Or worse yet, you come to discover that what you thought you saw wasn’t accurate at all; there was something deeper beyond the surface that was much greater than what you first recognized?  I have.  Just ask my wife!  I am the king of the cursory glance, especially when it comes to looking for something in the fridge!

Now I swear my fridge is a spacial anomaly in the construct of the space time continuum.  It’s a black hole which literally consumes ever last morsel of food for which I search and spews out the toxic gamma radiation commonly known as left overs!  I hate left overs!

I stand before the fridge, door wide open, convinced there is nothing to eat.  So I resign myself to the sweet nectar of life, mother’s milk, also known as Coke.  But wait!  I don’t see any Coke.  What happened to the Coke?  Dagnabit…did the kids drink all MY Coke again!?!  Thus the following scene typically unfolds:

“Heidi!  Do we have any Coke?”

“It’s in the fridge.”


“In the fridge!”

“Where in the fridge…I don’t see it?”

“Look around.”

“I AM LOOKING!  It’s not in here!”

Now mind you I’m convinced we don’t have any Coke.  I know it for a fact!  I’ve looked and I know what I’ve seen; a black hole which has consumed all edible food, and let’s not forget my Coke, and left in its wake a vortex of nasty.  There is no Coke.  My fridge is now host only to the Island of Misfit Toys a.k.a the left overs!  Frustrated and annoyed I resign myself to lounge in my recliner completely convinced of what I know I saw.  Then a miracle happens!  Like Moses in the wilderness bringing forth water from the rock, my wife walks in, with a cold Coke in hand.  Hallelujah!  The Lord heard my cry and delivered me!!

“Where’d you get the Coke?” I ask.

“Where I told you it was…in the fridge.”

“You did not.”

“No, I magically made it appear!  Come here and look!”

Reluctantly I peal myself from the safety of my recliner to stand beside my wife at the very event horizon of the black hole.

“Where’s the Coke?” I ask

“Right there, bottom shelf, right hand side…where it was the whole time!” she points out without a hint of vindicated, spousal condescension (cough, cough, wink).

In that moment my eyes are opened.  Convinced of what I saw, yet betrayed by what now appears before me I have only one explanation, “This is a conspiracy!”  All right I admit it.  I missed it.  I’m a guy!  Looking for things isn’t necessarily my forte.  Yet here’s the moral to this story.  Often in life we miss what is right in front of our faces.  Due to cursory glances and a weak constitution we resign ourselves to settle and convince ourselves that’s all there is too it.  That’s the character of the soul-centered life.  It’s selfish, lazy, proud and blind to the truth.

Transitioning from the soul-centered life to the spirit-centered life is work.  And as my search for the Coke reveals, often it takes an outside influence to guide us beyond our initial perceptions and reveal to us the depths of truth we miss in our cursory glances.  While my wife is a great asset in my search for pretty much all things related to natural life, the Holy Spirit is the needed asset in our search for the spirit-centered life.  Guidance and Revelation are the function and intention of the Holy Spirit.  Every time we read the word of God the Holy Spirit is there.  He’s longing to guide us into all truth and reveal the nature and person of God to us.  Without his assistance we stumble through this mortality missing the riches of His Spirit that are right before us.





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