The Sushi Rolls of Life a.k.a.Distractions – Part 2

imageLook at it. Isn’t it beautiful, sitting there in all of its delectable glory. Sushi rolls…6 different kinds all calling my name.  All vying for my attention.  Each longing to be the first to perform their sultry dance on the palate of my tongue! What you ask does all of this have to do with distractions? I’ll tell you. Their delectable temptation distracted me from their life threatening influence on my friend. They rendered me forgetful of the fact that he is allergic to shellfish. So powerful was their allure that my shellfish challenged amigo even forgot his own allergic predisposition and gorged himself on their ambrosial  offering.

Therein lies the power of distractions. They have the innate ability to blind us to reality even in the face of our own imminent danger.  As I opined last week that distractions are like the little foxes which spoil the vine and rob us of our fruitfulness.  Distractions a.k.a. our sushi rolls, can take on many forms.  They can be as obvious as a longed for escape from reality and as subtle as mistaking ministry for the Lord as intimacy with the Lord.  Either way they slyly wrap their claws around the windpipe of our existence and close off the conduit of our life and fruitfulness.

King Solomon had the remedy for dealing with the sushi rolls; those little foxes which steal our fruitfulness and life.  He said, “Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vine, for our vines have tender grapes.” (Song of Solomon 2:15).  The secret to overcoming the allure of the sushi rolls of life is to identify them for what they are and take them captive.  Sushi, while momentarily satisfying is never eternally edifying.  So too are distractions.  Don’t let them run amuck in the garden of your life.  We must remember that it’s our responsibility to tend to the garden of our life; that place of intimacy and fellowship with God.     Distractions will always manifest.  While some are blatant in their evident frivolity, more often than not they will mask themselves in the shroud of responsibility or necessity to avoid recognition and capture.

That night we were on the road and hungry.  We were helping a friend who was literally ministering to thousands of people that evening  We “NEEDED” to eat and it just looked so good.  Never mind  there was death lying beneath that succulent tempura batter.  Alas, such is often the case in our spiritual lives.  Our “NEEDS” distract and blind us to the realities of death staring us in the face.  We can never forget that Jesus said only one thing is truly needful…intimacy with him.  Don’t let the sushi kill you!

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