Purpose & Power

mrk“But He said to them, Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also, because for this purpose I have come forth. And He was preaching in their synagogues throughout Galilee, and casting out demons.” Mark 1:38-39 (KNJV)

I’m fascinated by this. I’ve been reading and re-reading these verses daily for over a week.  Jesus knew his purpose and he embraced it. He didn’t look for short cuts or avoid areas of personal inconvenience or simple dislike. He knew who he was, why he was sent, and he set out to fulfill the purpose for which he was manifest. When he set out to fulfill his purpose, power was released!

So often we live lives of discontent. We resign ourselves to mediocrity, dissatisfied yet resolute to exist in the mundane. Why? Perhaps it’s because most of us fail to recognize and embrace our purpose. We’re not the result of time, chance, and happenstance. We’re the product of a Divine plan and as such are endued with purpose.

Through the pursuit of his Heavenly Father Jesus knew his purpose and he chose to function in it (vs.35). This is the key to having God’s power work through us. As we pursue the Father we will learn His will for our life. As we embrace His will and function in it His power will be released in our lives, and through our lives, touching the lives of those around us.

Ultimately, what is our purpose? I think it is to pursue our Heavenly Father, embrace His will for our lives and allow His Spirit to flow through us. When purpose is realized, power is released and lives are changed forever!

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